Scarface (najbolji reper svih vremena)
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    Scarface (najbolji reper svih vremena)

    ..... Imagine peace on this earth when there's no grief
    Imagine grief on this earth when there's no peace .....

    YouTube - Never Seen A Man Die

    "I Seen a Man Die"

    So what you gonna do cat daddy?
    [Scarface:] I don't know dawg..juss trying to live it one day at a time.
    I hear you man, live it one day at a time...
    [Scarface:] Let me get up outta here man my ride waitin'.
    Aiight cat daddy stay tru
    [Scarface:] Aiight man peace

    [straight into verse one]

    [Verse 1:]

    He greets his father with his hands out
    Rehabilitated slightly, glad to be the man's child
    The world is different since he's seen it last
    Out of jail in seven years and he's happy that he's free at last
    All he had was his mother's worth
    Now she's gone and he's gotta make a change and make it for the beddah
    But he's back so he's got one strike against him
    And he's young plus he came up in the system
    But he's smart and he's finally makin' eighteen
    And this goes to get on top and try to stay clean
    So he's calling up his homie who dun came up
    Livin' like this now they dealin' with the same stuff
    And had that attitude that who he was was worth it
    and with that fucked up attitude he killed his first mate
    Now it's different and he's dead as dirt
    And realized that the name ain't coming up but it still hurt
    And cain't nobody change this
    It's ninteen-ninety-foe and we up against the same shit

    I nevah understand why
    I could nevah seen a man cry, til i seen that man die

    [Verse two:]

    Imagine life at it's full peak
    Then imagine lying dead in the arms of your enemy
    Imagine peace on this earth when there's no grief
    Imagine grief on this earth when there's no peace
    Cuz everybody's got a different way of endin' it
    And when your number comes for service then they send it in
    Now your time has arrived for the final touch
    I see the fear in your eyes and hear your final breath
    How much longeer will it be til it's all done?
    Total darkness and ease be in all one
    I watch him die and when he dies let us celebrate
    You took his life, but your memory he'll never take
    You'll be heade to another place
    And the life you used to live will reflect in your mother's face


    [Verse 3:]

    I hear you breathin' but your heart no longer sounds strong
    But you kinda scared of dying so you hold on
    And you keep on blacking out cuz the post is near
    Stop trying to fight the reaper just relax and let it go
    Because there's no way you can fight it but you'll still try
    And you can try it til you fight it but you'll still die
    Now your spirit leaves your body and your mind clears
    The rigormortis starts to set, now you outta here
    You start your journey into outer space
    You see yourself in the light but you're still feeling outta place
    So you standing in the tunnel of eternal light,
    And you see the ones you never learn to love in life
    Make the choice let it go but u can back it up
    If you ain't at peace with God you need to patch it up
    But if you ready close your eyes and we can set it free
    There lies a man not scared to die, may he rest in peace

    I still got to wondah why,
    I never seen a man cry til I seen a man die

    [t.v. in the backgroung]
    ...hope you feel beddah!!!


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    Odgovor: Scarface (najbolji reper svih vremena)

    Sacrface, Master P, 2Pac - Homies and thuggs

    ....Surviving under conditions demons dinin' ....


    "Homies and Thuggs"
    (feat. Master P. and 2pac)

    [Verse 1:]

    Ghetto niggas remain violent while the killers remain silent
    niggas strapped with 45's and ain't smiling
    And I'm driving to a place they're all warrin'
    the lake we build houses but its the hood we call home
    In the ghetto the only place a motherfucker will keep it real
    we focused on the dollar bill, still
    The outsiders tend to disrespect the place
    where niggas do thier struggling die with a straight face
    Surviving, under conditions demons dinin'
    you can run it but can't hide it so step aside
    Its the nigga that makes music for the streets
    cause I love this motherfucker like pussy with no sheets,
    cause its deep
    Some niggas make it out the neighborhood and won't surface
    and let the money make them nervous, what's the purpose?
    A motherfucker sitting on fat
    he came up in the hood but he can't come back
    Fuck that, I remain in the street game frame
    on a mission to maintian me and take aim
    In position to let my opposition know my life
    cause off in these streets I keep it real but what's right?
    Surviving, sitting on a key doing business on a beeper
    I'm sinking in this motherfucker deeper
    Fear the reaper that no man born or woman harm me
    fuck being a nigga in your army; though I'm a killer
    Enter the ghetto so that you can see
    what I mean when I say I love this cause it love me
    Let it be, stop looking at this motherfucker strange
    and talking 'bout a motherfucking change
    This is for my thug niggas

    [chorus x6]

    This is for my homies and my thug niggas (uuuuugh)

    [verse 2]

    'Face, picture us working at McDonald's
    and me and you selling fucking toasted up (?)
    Gold slug, a car full of thug niggas
    twenty inch wheels candy paint so we drug dealers
    No Limit soldiers to the fullest
    see I was raised on some red beans the size of some bullets, huh
    We ghetto niggas can't be stopped
    got me mixing up dope with little J down at Rap-A-Lot
    My phone tapped the feds on my tail
    got me paying luxury taxes on everything I build
    True to the ghetto that's my life
    you see that house on the lake its for the kids and the wife
    You can test me if you wanna
    cause I be dumping niggas off from New Orleans to California
    Rowdy like a hurricane (uuuuuugh)
    independant, black owned got them hooked on this cocaine
    You used to see C in a suit and tie
    but we young niggas in tennis shoes and diamonds
    Executive street millionaires
    niggas gonna be bout it bout till we gray in the wheel chair

    [Chorus x6]

    [Verse 3:]

    What do you get from boosting?
    niggas coming out from california to represent them niggas from
    And now we rocking keep this shit popping
    and all my niggas across the bay know L.A. keep the shit hot
    I keep my glock inside my pants , dont give niggas a chance
    to put me inside a casket you dirty bastards
    Until the day I die you catch a nigga high off weed the police can't
    find me
    My shit will drop and I'll sell five million
    while all the niggas enter the game get caught up in drug dealing
    How can I fall? how can I ball, how can I catch my enemies and murder
    them all?
    My word of flame burn niggas inside thier brain
    niggas can't hang with me, and like it changes, uh
    Scarface got me on this shit
    we laced it motherfuckers in thier body and face, uh
    Growing thicker, liquor made me daddy and nigga
    niggas don't wanna see me world wide mob figure
    M.O.B. and the leaf keep me weeded
    them niggas don't wanna see me when i got weed in my system
    Catch another victim, capture bodies
    bring a shottie to the fucking party, yeah
    I party all night
    I do this shit cause its wrong but we were born right
    And to the niggas in my zone we do it long ways
    'till these bitches understand nigga my song pay; cause I'm the man
    Now these are my homeboys, we outlaws till the day we die
    keep this shit rough and raw my 45
    Make sure that I survive to another day
    to bust rhymes which from I get paid
    Now that's the end of my freestyle but it was left for dead
    but the shit away you can hear it playing, westside

    [chorus x8]


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    Odgovor: Scarface (najbolji reper svih vremena)

    ... I give a fuck about any nigga you fuck with
    stuck with, I love the way she suck dick....

    YouTube - Scarface ft Too $hort, Tela & Devin Tha Dude - Fuck Faces

    "Fuck Faces"


    Man I met this chick so fine
    So bad She made me sick some time
    I just had to fuck this bitch one time
    I met her in the galleria shopping, buying
    Gifts for some guy that she dating, still shot
    Second anniversary and I'm congratulating that
    But man she had an ass so fat
    You couldn't palm it with Shaquille hands
    It seems to me she had the whole world in her pants
    Walked behind her whispering love songs
    She started smiling so I handed her this bathing suit
    And told her try it
    Replied, while with these light brown eyes
    I'm shopping for a lady friend about your size
    She put it on so I paid for
    Then I told her she could keep it
    And then I walked out the store, it's our secret
    But peep it
    Made it down the hall, she came running
    Bags about to bust, blouse wrinkled, but still stunning
    I don it
    Made a mack move and girl chased me
    And shortly thereafter, exchanged our fuck faces
    It's tasteless
    But honey must of missed being treated
    Like something more than niggas just tumbling and dudes beating
    Her ass behind the silly shit
    And I can see it in her eyes she was sick of this
    Let's see the sights, its me tonight
    Let's leave him stuck home pacing
    Blowing up your pager, exchanging fuck faces


    You must be used to all the finer thangs
    Infatuated by what money brangs
    It seems to me you hoes will never change
    So all that's left is for us to exchange

    [Too $hort]

    I called her up on the phone said I'll be there in a Minute
    Cause all them faces she be making when I'm in it
    They make a nigga feel like he doing something
    The pussy so good have you through with money
    But you ain't knowing she's a tramp and a slut and all That shit
    Every chance you get you trying to call that bitch
    Quite a few niggas got the pussy
    But everytime I see her got to stop and look
    Cause she so damn fine bitch
    I want to make you mine bitch
    I want to fuck one time bitch
    Short Dogg's on your mind bitch
    I give a fuck about any nigga you fuck with
    Stuck with, I love the way she suck dick
    It make me bust this
    It's hard to hold back when it's this good
    You said she wouldn't I knew the bitch would
    Cause I'm a veteran, twist them in the game so fast
    With this pimping, bitch, you ain't go last
    I got to get 'em, let 'em know I'm pimping really
    Unless I'm getting paid, the shit is temporary
    Exchanging fuck faces, making hella noise
    Getting freaky as fuck and go and tell my boys
    Cause It's like that, that's how we do this shit, Bitch

    [Repeat Chorus:]


    Let me holla at 'cha B, Short check this
    Just got through fuckin this bitch, who swallowed my Cum and drank my
    I stuck my fist up in her cock, she didn't budge or Move it
    Sucking and Fucking, man she loved to do it
    I bust 4, 5, 6
    nuts in her mouth, when she come to my house
    I know thats my bitch
    And she don't tell nobody shit
    She keeps it cool, she said that pussy's mine
    And because the way I rhyme, she let me fuch her all The time
    I'm thinking about keeping this bitch by my sidee
    Girl so fine niggas dreamed they fucked her and lied
    But I'm numero uno, the one and onlly
    Bitch be all on me chewing my nuts like bologna
    Then picked, she licked on my dick like plop
    The nut skeeted out like thick white snot
    She saw it was still hard and said look what I got
    Then rubbed it, hugged, it and shoved it in her cock
    Tried to tell her to stop, but the bitch wouldn't listen
    I guess a dick that's hard as rock, is what these hoes Be missing
    And in return she used her stolen credit cards to by Me casing
    And later on she got this bone and gives me fuck Faces

    [Repeat Chorus:]


    I got a call from Laquesha and some of her neices
    Saying its about six or seven dime pieces
    We can hook up with no chains and no leashes
    Tied to this fucking affair and slow leases
    See what we go do is fall through with crushed ice
    Man these hoes been talking bout fuckin for three Nights
    Whole damn grill so slick it's kind of nice
    Not too expensive, but comfortable and its quiet
    The rimmy that she gimme, a phillie and its tranquilized
    Thinking to myself at this time and realized
    She ain't got on panties so damn it, its in the signs
    Somebody's getting fucked tonight to my suprise
    Enter the room with the cat ass eyes
    Rochelle's who do nails with them thick ass thighs
    See I love these kind cause they ain't with that Bullshit
    Get a nigga off in the room and pull shit
    Girl stop licking right there you killing me
    Go ahead and touch it right there and fell the P
    This some cold blooded shit with a bitch you let me Sit through
    Damn hoe I must admit, that's whit it hit me
    So I dips into the world of forgotten fuck faces
    You getting buck places, drinking, love, and sex Chases

    You know what I'm saying baby
    It's either now or never
    Too $hort, Tela, Devin Scarface in style

    [Repeat Chorus]


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