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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 14: Boat

    Land on the first island

    After all the interior mucking about, it’s nice to be working on proper islands again, even if they are packed to the gills with mercenaries. On the other hand, the Tridgen and mutant population of the islands is apparently nonexistent, so there’s that to be thankful for.

    Grab the three explosives located on the first island Land your inflatable boat near the rocky outcroppings directly ahead of your starting position. Your first goal is to obtain some explosives from a nearby merc camp, so proceed overland and take out your adversaries. As with most exterior levels, your binoculars are going to be a big part of your progress, so try to continuously scan around and look for soldiers.

    Destroy the first tower

    After you clear out the first mercenary camp and retrieve the explosives, head back to the north, towards the small hut from which the armored soldiers came. You can load up on armor and health here before proceeding across the water to the northern island. Said trip is going to be difficult; depending on your level of subtlety, the patrol boats on the far pier may have been launched, thus giving you three reasons to give up, but with what’s hopefully a full load of AG36 ammo, you should be able to kill off the crews of each of them without getting annihilated. If one of them stops within swimming range, feel free to take it; otherwise, you may have to either swim across or run back to your inflatable boat to make the journey. Either way, use your sniper rifle (if you still have it) to soften up the opposition on the far side of the water. If you dropped your rifle, then you’ll definitely want to lure one of the patrol boats your way to use its minigun and rocket launcher before heading across.

    The tower is easily visible from the southern shore, but you should head to the camp to the east first and look around. Two of the buildings here contain OICW’s, which can replace your AG36 as the assault rifle of choice. Although its zoom isn’t quite as powerful as the AG36, the increased accuracy and control of the OICW makes it a more effective marksman’s weapon, as well as more deadly in a straight-up firefight. Grab both of the rifles, on the weapons rack in the two main structures, as well as the extra HE rounds from the garage, before driving up to the first radar tower. Don’t park your vehicle too close to the structure, now; it’s going to be blowing up soon, and the last thing you want is to wreck your vehicle while serving the greater good.

    After taking out the guards here, plant your explosives and check your next objective. Before heading out, walk to the northern edge of the island near the destroyed tower and sweep the next island with your binocs to get as many soldiers as possible on your radar.

    Destroy the second tower

    Your best bet for reaching the second tower is to grab one of the patrol boats from the pier near the camp to the east of the tower you just destroyed. If you take a boat to the west of the pier and wrap around the first island, you should find yourself near the point where you’ll want to dock your ship - look for the submerged pier. You probably already noticed the small island nearby, bristling with troops; your OICW should be well within headshot range for these guys, so feel free to bust a cap or two. You’ll have soldiers approaching from the island, as well as from higher up the road, though, so keep your eyes open. When you’ve cleared the island, you can check the hut for a few more rounds of sniper ammo and an armor refill. From there, you can either proceed north across the water to find a tunnel leading to a set of stairs, which will take you to the tower, or you can head back to the main road and walk up.

    Destroy the third tower

    As you may have surmised, the third tower is definitely going to be the most difficult one to access. It’s nestled in the hills above an enemy base, which is itself packed with mercenaries.

    Your first job is to just land the boat near the pier on the southern side of the island. You can find a boat by walking down the stairs near the destroyed second tower, so take it across the water and get out. Unfortunately, from here on in, you’re reduced to simple gruntwork, of the attract-enemies-and-wait-for-them-to-approach variety. There are probably around two dozen mercs on this island, all told, a couple of whom have apparently had bionic eyes implanted, as they’ll spot you from, quite literally, a mile away.

    As you walk up the road from the pier and pass through the three rocks that block it off, get ready to hit the dirt as soon as your tension music queues up. The three soldiers who are most likely to spot you are in the three sniper towers in the base to your north; one possesses a sniper rifle, one a rocket launcher, and the third a regular AG36. A fourth owl-eyed bastard is manning a minigun near the rocket launcher’s tower. If you still have your sniper rifle, equip it and start dishing out justice, a dish that’s best served cold! Or something like that.

    After the primary threats have been dealt with, you’ll probably hear a 4WD coming your way from the rear of the island. Hunker down near the road leading up from the pier and shoot out anyone who gets off the truck, then claim it for your own. If you still have mercenaries that are hunting you down, you might just want to wait somewhere for them to come within view, before issuing headshots for the house.

    When you’ve foisted a modicum of order onto the island, you can proceed into the merc base and loot the buildings and towers. When you’re ready to move on, knock out the third tower in the hills above.

    Go and destroy the freighter!

    Just in case all this running around wasn’t enough, you’re given a new surprise task; now you have to assault and destroy a freighter in a nearby harbor. From the tower, grab the 4WD and gun it towards the western end of the island. When you spot a couple of mercs in the road, gun them down and get out of the truck. You should be able to spot the freighter from this position, or a little bit further west, but you definitely don’t want to let the snipers aboard spot you just yet. If you grabbed the sniper rifle from the mercenary base, or already had one in your possession, you can use it to take down the boat’s defenders from here; just lie prone behind the large rock and strafe left or right until you spot a target. There should be one sniper and two rocket launcher foes, so check the ship with your binocs to make sure the exterior is clear before taking the nearby boat and climbing up the chains on either side of the ship. There will still be a few mercs left on board, so be cautious as you make your way up to the bridge.

    After grabbing the explosives, refill your health and armor and grab a full load of rocket ammo. You’ll find the fuel cell at the rear of the ship, so plant the explosives there. The explosives detonate after 25 seconds, which will cripple the ship and slowly sink it; Col. Crow flies in to try and take you out in the meantime.

    Since Crow’s on a helicopter, you’re going to be at a marked disadvantage if you actually stay on the ship; his minigun will cut you to pieces as soon as the water rises enough to force you to swim, and even before that occurs, you’ll have a tough time dodging his fire without getting hit. The thing is, although Jack seems to think the front of the ship is the safest spot to survive the explosion, you’re actually better off jumping overboard as soon as you plant your explosives, and swimming towards shore. You may take a bit of damage from the explosion, since you won’t be able to move as quickly, but you should survive, at any rate.

    When you’re ashore, pick a sizable palm tree and stand next to it as Crow flies in. Crow’s attack heli moves in the same fashion as the previous choppers you’ve seen; it’ll swoop around until it’s close, and then it’ll start strafing around your position, so that Crow can fire on you from the minigunner’s position. If you picked a big enough palm tree, though, you should be able to simply hide behind the trunk whenever Crow fires, thus rendering you able to survive the fight without taking any damage at all, in most cases. All you need to do is sit behind the tree, moving so that Crow is on the opposite side, and occasionally pop out and fire a rocket at the helicopter. You’ll obviously want to do this when the chopper is moving slowly; you only have a maximum of 14 rocket rounds, and the helicopter can take nine or so hits before it flies off and explodes. If you run out of rockets, switch over to your OICW and use its HE rounds to finish the helicopter off.

    Although Crow survives the encounter, the destruction of the chopper signals the end of this long level.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 15: Catacombs

    Follow the path to the ancient temple

    Retrieve the missing PDA

    It’s a rumble in the jungle as this level begins; you’ll be facing a group of mercs taking down a weaponless Fat Boy right off the bat. Don’t bother getting involved in the fracas; instead, make a 180-degree turn and take the trail to the southeast until you reach the large jungle area. From your little vantage point, whip out your binoculars and tag as many soldiers as you can. Because there’s so much foliage here, you’ll have to rely on your radar to let you know where the soldiers are. Luckily, your binocs can penetrate the canopy just fine, so sweep the entire area. If there are any mercs in range, start popping heads; you can expect any nearby soldiers to converge on your position anyway, so you might as well do it when you have a bit of space between you and the trees.

    Find some explosives

    Although it’s not on your objectives list yet, if you want to save some time, you can pick up a few explosives that you’ll need later on by exploring the jungle to the southeast. You’ll eventually run across a gang of soldiers camped out in a ruined temple; near the buggy in this makeshift bunker is a pack of explosives, so grab them and get moving back towards the radar blip that’s leading you to the PDA.

    Now that you have a buggy, you can start sweeping across the map, gunning down any soldiers that get in your way. To the west, you should be able to get an easy read on a concentration of troops near the temple; if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can snipe the gas and fuel canisters inside their little mountain retreat to dispatch them from a distance. Sniping is the safest way to go here, as there are three minigun emplacements between the camp and the temple that can make your life somewhat difficult if you get too close.

    After you’ve eliminated the soldiers inside the temple, grab the armor and health, blow the doorway, and head inside. The first big room you encounter will host a Spectre ambush when you step inside; they’ll be spread around the room, and can seriously degrade your health if you don’t deal with them quickly, so you may want to try and use rocket ammo on the first couple of targets, and deal with the third with your OICW. Luckily, there’s a suit of armor near the elephant statue if you get damaged. Nearby, you’ll hear a Fat Boy stomping around; after you spot him, bounce grenades off the walls while retreating. The close quarters here make a straight firefight a very bad idea.

    There’s a P90 lying next to a scientist after you take down the Fat Boy. If you’re still packing a Sniper Rifle, drop it and switch for the sub-machinegun. Restock and move on; you’ll come to a branch, where one path leads south to a room with Tridgens and one east to a couple of Spectres. It’s the southern path you want to take, at least initially; inside this room is a set of stairs leading to the PDA. Don’t forget to grab the explosives nearby.

    Find a way out of the temple

    After you grab the PDA, your radar will pick up the location of the temple exit. Follow the signal until you reach another melee between the scientists and a variety of Tridgens. If you’re feeling pluckish, you can try to walk through the fight and plant the explosives while the battle’s ongoing, but the safer path is to eliminate the combatants, mutants first, before destroying the blockage and leaving the level.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 16: River

    Use the boat to drive to the end of the temple

    Although Doyle suggests using a boat to travel along the river, the first segment of this level is going to be your standard hunt-and-kill jungle crawl. Follow the path from the beginning of the level, and you should run across a dozen or so soldiers between yourself and the first inflatable boat. As is SOP, check for signals with your binoculars, and use your OICW’s scope to take down the mercs from long distance.

    Even though the inflatable boat may look tempting, it’s best to leave it where it is; there are patrol boats in the waters ahead, and your little canvas craft wouldn’t stand up well to a rocket round. Instead, proceed along the path that leads south from the boat’s pier. You’ll soon come across a couple of pigs nestled among some ruins; check amongst the statues for ammo, health, and armor, then continue along the path.

    Soon enough, you’ll start to hear the patrol boat in the river beyond. This first boat would’ve been unavoidable if you had taken the inflatable craft, but, luckily for you and me, we’re too smart to be lured into such an obvious trap. Even so, the patrol boat is a tough kill from land; best to just tag its inhabitants with your binocs so that you have them on your radar, then leave them be.

    As you walk along the path, periodically pop your head over the hills above the river to scout the opposite side. There are a couple of places where soldiers are waiting next to parked patrol boats; you’ll want to slaughter these guys. Across from the second parked boat, there’s a merc waaaay up above the trail with a rocket launcher; he’ll first attempt to knock a tree into the river (which is apparently intended to block your passage, had you been in a boat), and then he’ll turn his attention to you. You obviously don’t want this to happen, so pop him with your OICW or sniper rifle. When you’ve cleared out the second boat area, swim across the way and grab it.

    After proceeding up the river a bit, you’ll hit a save point. Take advantage of this fact by attempting to floor it around the gang of mercs in front of you; they’ve holed up in a little collection of rocks, and killing them is far too intricate a process to be done without taking a lot of damage. Instead, just zoom around their little island and turn the next corner to face off with a patrol boat. It should attempt to come straight at you when it notices you, so use your minigun to take out its passengers.

    The river’s blocked up ahead by a pontoon bridge; you won’t be able to take your boat any further, but you can use it to kill off the bridge’s defenders. After destroying everything that moves, you have the option of either getting out and driving away in the buggy, or entering into Dukes of Hazzard mode and jumping the bridge; this can be done simply by ramming into it. The former is the wiser course, as ramming the bridge will leave your ship damaged, thus rendering it less likely to survive the coming encounter with a helicopter. Take the path leading south from the pier with the inflatable boat; this will put you into a position overlooking an enemy camp. Scope out the bridge and environs, then proceed to slaughter mercilessly.

    Your real choice now is to continue on foot, via the path across the bridge, or to grab the patrol boat on the water and head on via that method of transportation. The soldier on the bridge itself should’ve dropped some rocket ammo, so defending yourself against helicopters shouldn’t be an issue if you wish to ambulate, but either method is legit. As usual, walking is safer, if that has any bearing on your decision. If you do decide to walk, take the path leading upwards through the hills, rather than the one that skirts the water.

    Around the bend from the bridge is another merc camp, of the literal variety, with tents and everything. With your OICW or sniper rifle, you should be able to take down all of the mercs from a distance, but keep an eye on your stealth meter; there are a few emplaced weapons on the far side of the river, in a few different directions, and if you don’t kill the soldiers manning these, they’ll spot you from a mile away. Proceed slowly, if you’re on foot, and binocularize each segment of the river as it’s revealed to prevent any surprises. You can restock on health and armor in the tents here. Of course, if you’re still in a boat, none of this is applicable; just blast through and switch over to rockets to deal with the imminent helicopter.

    If you traveled here on foot and managed to wipe out all of the emplaced weapons, you’ll have the luxury of grabbing a patrol boat and strolling slowly along the riverbed, ready to unleash rockets at the helicopter as soon as its spotted. If you don’t manage to hit the heli before it gets behind you, though, you’re going to be in the same boat, pardon the expression, as players who’re attempting to blast down the river at top speed. This is because the rockets on your boat won’t be able to fire at the helicopter when it’s directly above and behind you; you’ll have to either try and make a swift u-turn to actually hit the dang thing, or just get out and use your personal rocket launcher to attempt to take it down.

    A compromise may be what you need. Instead of taking a u-turn that’ll lead you back into water, you may want to try grounding your ship when you see the footpaths start up along the right side of the river. If your ship is grounded, it’s unlikely that the helicopter will line up directly behind it, especially if you managed to turn it sideways with respect to the river’s flow before you went up on land. Regardless of your methods, you’re going to need to take the helicopter down before you can safely access the end of the level.

    If you happened to wander into the lake at the end of the river while fighting the chopper, you’ll know that attempting to coast in there with a boat is essentially the game’s equivalent of suicide-by-cop, except with a bunch of bloodthirsty mercs. It’s far, far preferable to wander along the paths where you may or may not have grounded your ship, until you reach a point with two barrels that overlooks the entire lakebed. From here, you can use your OICW to kill off all of the mercs, without taking return fire, in most cases. The first target should be the rocket launcher merc who’s been positioned high in the hills to the southeast; after he’s down, the rest of the soldiers should be targetable without a problem.

    Eliminate Crow and upload the PDA data

    Although you’ve reached the end of the river, your mission’s not quite over. As you pass into the forest beyond the lake, you’ll get a radio message from Doyle letting you know that Colonel Crow is in the area. Don’t worry about his sense of urgency; there’s no time limit on this fight, so take your killing slow and easy.

    To begin with, bag the four mercs on your side of the small hill here, then grab your ammo. Crow and around half a dozen other soldiers are on the opposite side of the hill, so crest it, binoc everyone so that they appear on your radar, and back away before you get your head blown off. Your first priority here will be to take out the sniper in the rear of the gang; if you have any rocket ammo, this would be a perfect time to use it. Just don’t bother trying to hit Crow with it, as he’s mobile enough to dodge it as it’s incoming. Instead, use it to take down any outlying mercs before focusing on Crow.

    You should find that Crow makes for a reasonably easier boss fight when he’s not surrounded by a ton of helicopter armor. All it takes to eliminate him is a few shots to the head from an OICW, so oblige him and his death wish by putting him down. Rather than face him in a straight-up fight, though, you might want to lie prone underneath the fallen tree along the left side of the valley here and peek out from underneath to see if you can’t spot Crow or his bodyguards from that position. You’ll be a bit less exposed to fire this way.

    After Crow’s dead, clear out the rest of the troops and use the satellite truck to the rear of the valley to upload your PDA data. Valerie will hook up with you soon enough, just in time for some gratuitous cheesecake. Say what you will about CIA agents, but between Valerie here and Jennifer Garner, they sure seem to make time for grooming, evil scientists or no.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 17: Swamp

    Steal a car out of the camp

    Get to the mercenary base

    Although you ostensibly have Valerie as a partner during this mission, and she does pack an MP5, her participation in battle mostly consists of yelling "Look out!" or "We’ve got company!" You’ll have to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to actually shooting people, but this isn’t an overly large concern: you’ve been doing fine on your own all game long, and you’ll have the benefit of picking up the game’s final weapon a little ways into this level.

    To begin with, though, you and Valerie will have to steal the vehicle from the nearby merc camp. You have a fairly clear approach, so engage in your typical scope-and-snipe activities to reduce the opposition’s numbers before moving in to check the buildings. Clear out any stragglers before you grab the items from the structures, then head into the car. You’ll note that you’re getting into the rear, gunner portion of the 4WD; this little drive with Valerie is going to fulfill Far Cry’s rail-shooter quota. Don’t blame CryTek, though: federal regulations require that all first-person shooters have a sequence wherein you become a passenger on a fast-moving vehicle, are unable to control your movement, and are tasked with shooting at other fast-moving vehicles. It’s the law.

    None of this would be annoying if it weren’t for the fact that your 4WD only has six rockets. You’re going to be coming up against a helicopter very shortly after you begin the trip, so shoot off one rocket at the first car that attempts to follow you, then do your best to shoot down the helicopter before you get annihilated. After that, you’ll have to fend off a few trucks; if you don’t have any more rockets, concentrate your minigun fire on the gunner in these vehicles. They can chase you all they want, but if they don’t have anyone aboard to shoot at you, they’re not worth worrying about.

    Although the rail-shooter sequence is lengthy, in terms of the amount of ground that you cover, there’s really little to describe. Luckily, a save point kicks in as soon as you get into the vehicle, so you’ll have the opportunity to make a few dry runs before trying to get through the whole exercise in one piece. After you make the jump over the mercenaries, and shoot up the gas tanker, you’re pretty much home free.

    Get into the base and find a computer terminal

    When you finally stop and get out of the truck, proceed on foot to the north and find the side entrance to this installation. Your life and health levels will dictate just how daring you can be as you breach the building; if you were seriously taxed by the journey in the 4WD, don’t hesitate to chuck in numerous grenades before attempting to move inside, and let Valerie move ahead when she spots an enemy. There’s perhaps a dozen soldiers who will eventually be clustered around this side entrance, so you’ll need some kind of mass infantry removal; frag grenades can do the trick, as can rockets. Regardless, if you manage to open up a path past the bathroom, hang a left and enter the guard room, where you’ll pick up a full suit of armor, thus greatly increasing your chances of survival. When things have settled down in the hallway, sift through the bodies until you find a machinegun; this beast of a weapon will be all but required for the rest of the level, so drop one of your other short-range weapons and grab it.

    Now that you have a suit of armor and a proper killing machine nestled in your hands, feel free to grab the health pack in the small storage room near the stairs, before heading up said stairs to find the computer terminal.

    Follow Val! Do not lose her

    Val will soon take off for the control center, but you won’t get there before running into a few more mercs. Don’t be too eager to take your machinegun for a spin; its accuracy issues make it difficult to use over medium ranges, so stick to your OICW for now.

    Get the bomb access codes from the headquarters

    Now that you’ve finally managed to ditch Valerie, it’s time to do the real work, that of obtaining the bomb codes from the nearby headquarters building. First off, though, you’ll need to find a keycard that opens the headquarters’ doors; this is located within the mission planning building. There are two entrances to this structure, either of which will reveal a building full of, you guessed it, more mercenaries. This is the perfect time to dust off that machinegun and let it do its thing. Even though the mercs here are armored, body shots with the machine gun are as effective as the M4 was on the mercs at the beginning of the game, which is to say, hold down the fire button for a second or two and everything you hit will be dead.

    Scout around inside the building until you find the quartermaster’s office; the side door here leads to another office where the keycard resides on a desk, which then lets us proceed to the headquarters building. As with the mission planning building, the headquarters has two entrances, but here, the side entrance, which is around the corner and up the stairs from the main entrance, is the more preferable of the two. The main doors here lead into one of those awkward, large-room firefights where you have to keep an eye on two different floors at the same time; best just to avoid it altogether. The side entrance, on the other hand, lets you box yourself into a corner and mow down enemies with your machine gun as they approach. Kill everything that moves, bathe in the blood of your enemies, grab the arming device for the nuclear weapon; all in a day’s work.

    Go back to the control center

    In a rather shocking display of disregard for the plotting conventions of action games, Valerie has not been kidnapped by the evil madman during the interval in which you left her alone. Rather, she’ll actually take the initiative and lead you to the entrance to the armory, where the nuclear device is stored. Of course, it again falls upon your shoulders to clear the way from the gate to the actual building, but such is life.

    Enter armory

    Get the bomb

    If you have a sniper rifle, your first target should be the goon in the tower opposite the bridge; after he falls, climb the closer tower and scout around for enemies. Some of the soldiers on the opposite side will likely attempt to cross the bridge, while others will drop down to the river and walk across the water, so keep your eyes peeled, and don’t hesitate to activate your heat vision to pick up incoming targets. Val will also give you verbal warnings when she spots enemies, so listen for her and her MP5. Some of the mercenaries here are packing machineguns, so don’t let them get too close. The building adjacent to the minigun positions is where any remaining soldiers will be after you’ve eliminated the exterior threats. Clean it first, then check through the other buildings for any items or ammunition before moving on to the armory. There are a few more defenders between yourself and the nuke, but your machinegun should make short work of them.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 18: Factory

    Get inside and call the elevator

    After Valerie stops driving the forklift, lie down on the road and scope out the building ahead. There are half a dozen enemies clustered around the entrance; you should be able to peg one or two by shooting the fuel tank to the left, then pick off the rest with your sniper rifle or OICW as they cross the bridge. Don’t get complacent, though; there are two more heavily-armored soldiers near the elevator itself. Luckily for you, your machine gun makes short work of pretty much anything, armor or no.

    Open the next gate to help the forklift past this section

    What follows next are a couple of firefights in large, multi-level rooms, but luckily, Val and the nuke will be hanging back, letting you proceed at your own pace against the multitude. The first room here contains eight or so mercs and scientists, the bulk of which will already be either on the ground level or coming down the stairs to the right of the entrance when you make some noise. Set yourself up along the left side of the entrance tunnel and start firing away; if you have to reload, draw back around the corner before doing so.

    The next room down is accessible only via the two entrances on the top level of the catwalks. This creates a great choke point to set up an ambush from; just walk into the room, throw a grenade or fire off a few rounds to get everyone’s attention, then draw back and lie prone in front of the doorway. It’ll be somewhat dim, so save your night vision’s charge by only hitting it when you hear footsteps approaching the doorway. When things calm, let your night vision charge up again and make a sweep of the room before unlocking the gate.

    Open the gate to the Mutagen Chamber

    The last hallway here contains a few more armored security mercs, including one with a riot shield. These guy’s would’ve been a serious problem had you not picked up a machinegun earlier, but now, they’re just another potential corpse, except that they drop 30 armor instead of 10, like their less protective counterparts.

    After Valerie parks the nuke, run inside the mutagen chamber and shoot up with the mutagen vaccine, which, like all vaccines, comes in a case with a big biohazard symbol on it. Nothing suspicious about that.

    Protect Val while she’s arming the bomb

    It’ll take Valerie a minute or two to arm the nuke; during this time, she’ll be vulnerable and won’t be able to fire at attackers, so it’ll be your job to fend them off by your lonesome.

    You’ll be facing off against at least four waves of mercs, many of them wielding riot shields. They’ll approach from two locations, one of which is the small door with the red light above it across the way from the mutagen chamber. The other waves will come from down the hall. These locations will alternate as the origin of waves, so if you fend off a charge from one location, reload and turn your attention to the other. The nearby door can be adequately camped with your machine gun, but the hallway is long enough for its inaccuracy to come into play with the soldiers approaching from that direction. You can even the odds by chucking smoke grenades into the hallway and using your heat vision to shoot through the fog.

    Get the hell out of here. Val will follow you

    Do like the man says and start running! Valerie can unlock the door adjacent to the emergency room from which the soldiers were coming, so head through, clear out any enemies and book it back to the surface.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 19: Dam

    Go to the Volcano Laboratory

    Again, CryTek is blameless in the matter of the inclusion of a level in which the hero of the game is stripped of all of his hard-earned weaponry and set to defend himself with nary but his wits and a sharp stick. This level archetype is legislated into the FPS genre; it’s a matter of jurisprudence.

    Give them credit for sticking it to the man, though: Jack actually gets a token M4 to begin the level. It has all of ten rounds in it, though, rendering it decent for killing the Tridgen near your starting point and not much else. (Cool part: if you kill the Tridgen in the middle of the stream, the water’s flow will pick up the body and send it over the nearby waterfall.) With any luck, you may have two or three bullets remaining to you after your fight, but it won’t matter much; three bullets isn’t going to put a dent into the forces of the mutants lying in wait at the bottom of the waterfall. Well, maybe it’ll dent them, but all that’ll accomplish is alerting them to your presence and speeding up your death.

    The trick here, if it can indeed be called a trick, is to just run like hell and hope you don’t attract the attention of any Tridgens on the way. There are plenty of Fat Boys in the area, but they’re of the unarmed variety, thus making them not a danger. There are a few armed mutants and Tridgens in the area, though, and if any of these guys spot you, you’re probably dead.

    Before you go off the waterfall, take a moment and note the position of the downed helicopter near the water’s edge below. This is your first goal; inside of it are two miniguns, a suit of armor, and a clip for your M4. Getting there is the hard part, of course, and you’ll likely need a few tries before you can make the journey and actually survive. Your best bet is to jump off of the waterfall before you attract the attention of any of the mutants below; they can see you from down there, and will swarm around the pool at the bottom of the falls if your stealth meter hits the red.

    After you hit the pools, try to swim along the bottom of the river for a bit before standing up and running to the right. Stick close to the right side of the river here; the deeper sections of the forest are where the Tridgens await. If you spot any mutants with guns, though, you should obviously attempt to avoid making contact with them. Try to save your sprinting juice by only running when a real threat is on your tail; the Fat Boys shouldn’t be able to catch up with you after you put a bit of distance between yourself and them. If you can avoid any other mutants, you should be able to get to the helicopter in one piece.

    Once there, a short cutscene ensues before you get to unload the miniguns on the mutants. Aim at the mutants on the northeast side of the chopper first; the baddies across the water are the ones with the guns, so take down anyone who’s armed before moving on to the Fat Boys. If you spot a Fat Boy with a rocket launcher, make him your priority, even if he’s firing at the fortifications up the hill; he’ll eventually start firing at you, and the tight quarters make dodging rockets a risky proposition. Don’t neglect the southwestern side of the equation, though; there are still plenty of mutants in the jungle, and any of them that are nearby will be attracted by all the gunfire. If you’re having trouble spotting targets, get out of the minigun and use your M4’s zoom feature. It isn’t fantastic, but should work.

    When you’re ready to head up the hill, grab one of the AG36’s from the Locusts on the beach and check to make sure that it’s fully loaded. By the time you reach the top of the hill, the fighting between the Fat Boys and the mercenaries here should’ve ended, which probably means that you’ll have anywhere from one to four Fat Boys to worry about, and perhaps another Locust. You’re still underpowered, and probably don’t have much ammo, so do your best to dodge the Fat Boys’ rockets, dash through the hole in the gate, and take the stairwell to your right, picking up the rocket launcher on the way. The Fat Boys will likely follow you up the stairs, so pick the second minigun here, the one further from the stairwell, and start getting your headshots. Depending on your difficulty level, the FBs’ rockets will likely be off-target at this range, but you’ll be close enough to get headshots consistently.

    The armory below contains a veritable cornucopia of weaponry, although it does lack a machinegun and sniper rifle. Grab everything that you desire before heading through the gate nearby and into the buggy. Now that you have a pair of binoculars, use it to scout the path ahead; this will trigger the "apocalypse of gore" to which we referred earlier. It’s difficult to count the combatants due to all of the chaos, but there appears to be at least half a dozen Fat Boys pounding away on perhaps as many as two dozen mercs scattered throughout the hills. It’s a nice scene, but unfortunately doesn’t make for very safe travel.

    The first thing to realize about this scenario is that passing through the battlefield will require a little patience. Not in the actual passing part, though; you’re going to have to wait for some of the Fat Boys to die off before you can safely make the journey. You can help speed the process along by sniping with your OICW from long distance; focus on the leftmost Fat Boys and attempt to put bullets in their heads, two or three at a time. You can easily run through a full load of 340 bullets doing this, but in the process, you’ll hopefully be able to take down at least two of the Fat Boys that block the leftmost side of the battlefield, which is where you’ll be headed. Alternately, you can use the buggy’s minigun to blast the Fat Boys from long distance, but this seems to be more likely to actually draw their attention and provoke them into firing at you. Run back to the armory and grab any ammo that you left behind before proceeding.

    If you’ve managed to clear a bit of a path for your buggy, you can take it and drive it along the path until you reach the spot where the grass disappears and all the ground is gray. This is where you should ditch your vehicle. Don’t bother attempting to fire at any of the Fat Boys in the area with the mounted minigun; your mobility is the only thing that’ll keep you alive through the next few minutes, and you obviously can’t dodge rockets very well if you’re stuck inside a car. If there are any Fat Boys in the area, circle-strafe around them while pegging them with Jackhammer shells or the P90 until they die. Some may attempt to cross the lava to reach you; get up on the small hill before the tree as they cross, and you should be able to peg away with zero risk of injury, due to the fact that their rockets will be flying off into space if they don’t hit you directly.

    When you cross the fallen tree (and make sure you jump over the branch that sticks out; if you attempt to walk around it you’ll wind up in the drink), head east towards the tree on the hill, grabbing any armor or ammo left by fallen mercs on the way. This path leads up to a smallish tower, but you’ll have to make a somewhat dangerous jump over a lava river before you can get there. You’ll need to have a running start, so make sure you have enough stamina to run for a bit and complete the jump.

    You’ll arrive at a welcome save point, with a sniper rifle and a medkit nearby. Use the sniper rifle to kill off the rocket launcher merc near the entrance to Krieger’s laboratory, as well as anyone who looks like they may be waiting to man one of the minigun positions. When you’re out of bullets, grab whatever weapon you dropped and take the grey path immediately next to the small little shack where the health was; this will take you near a small valleyish entry towards Krieger’s lab, where you can kill off any mercs who happen to be coming your way. From there, hit the armory and complete the trip to the lab by walking up the steps towards the door, being sure to grab the rocket ammo from the gentleman you sniped earlier. If you’ve been playing through without having a rocket launcher in your loadout, drop something - anything - and pick this one up. Possessing one will be somewhat critical in a moment.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 20: Volcano

    Find Krieger in his facility

    If by some chance you weren’t completely restocked by the garage supplies outside the facility, there’s another room off to the left of the start point here with yet more ammo. Grab everything, making sure that your rocket has a full 14 rounds in it, before heading through the nearby door.

    The gauntlet here consists of at least nine loaded-out mercs, all of whom possess full body armor, and many of whom are packing riot shields. Now, if you somehow managed to get here without a rocket launcher, well, you should probably quit to the menu and load a saved game from the last level and find one, because you’ll have an incredibly difficult time killing off all of these suckers without one. With a rocket launcher, though, it’s a fairly simple process of hiding behind the second set of pillars from the door, strafing out, firing a rocket at the nearest target, and hiding again, reloading periodically. One of the mercs is packing a rocket launcher of his very own, so follow the smoke trails back to the source and peg him before you take too much damage. For the mercs at the far end of the hall, you’ll have a better shot of actually hitting the ground near them if you fire at the apex of a jump, so strafe, jump, fire, land, hide. You’ll know everyone’s dead when your stealth meter empties out; if it’s at all full, there’s still a bastard hiding somewhere. Grabbing all of the armor here should be enough to get you up to 90 percent of maximum; don’t miss the health kit by the door leading out. Be sure to equip your rocket launcher before moving on, and make sure it has all four barrels full of rockets.

    Speaking of bastards.... Krieger’s in the next room, having mutated severely since you saw him last, into some kind of Super Locust. Valerie’s not looking so good, either, but she’s of less concern to you than the four mercs that are packed into this room, along with the big boss man himself. There’s a trick to beating him: be very, very lucky.

    Seriously, though: this fight is tough. Not only can any one of the mercs kill you with a couple seconds’ worth of sustained fire, but Krieger himself is packing grenades in addition to his OICW. If you hear a clinking sound on the ground, run like hell! Add in the fact that you die instantly if Valerie takes fatal damage, and you’ve either got a recipe for fun, or a recipe for reloading a billion times. Or both, if you’re really masochistic. If you’ve been looking for a challenge, this is it.

    The devs throw you a bone by letting you drop in behind a desk after the cutscene ends. Your ability to kill off the mercs in the room will generally decide your fate within a few seconds. These guys can take a crapload of damage, including an OICW grenade in the body, so your rockets should be used to dispatch them before they can hide. Of course, rockets don’t reload quickly enough to snap off four rounds in a row, so you’ll have to be cagy about firing, ducking behind the desk, then popping back up and firing again. You have the best shot of getting all four of them by proceeding from left to right, but you’ll still need a lot of luck.

    To begin with, flip on your night vision to make instant targeting easier. Aim at the wall behind the merc on the left; if you aim directly for him, Val might take splash damage from the blast. This will alert the mercenaries, so act quickly. Duck down for a second until your next round is accessible, then pop back up and aim at the ground to the right of the pillar in the middle of the room; with any luck, the splash will kill off the two mercs in the middle of the room. The merc on the right is probably out of sight by now, and this is where the luck comes in: you’re going to have to aim blindly at the steps on that side of the room in the hope that the splash damage does him in. (To be perfectly clear: we’re not speaking of the stairs leading up to the catwalk, but rather the small set of steps that runs the length of the room.) If you actually managed to kill off all of the mercs with these blasts, you’ll be in a fairly good position to deal with Krieger; if one of them managed to survive, you’ll probably be dead within seconds. The mercs don’t make any noise when they move, instead preferring to creep around silently, making it very difficult to tell where they are before they open fire. And if they’re able to shoot at you, they’ll likely kill you before you can locate them.

    If by some twist of fate you actually manage to kill off the mercs without taking severe damage yourself, the fight will be simplified into a Jack vs. Krieger matchup, and this is one fight where there’s no TKO rule. As mentioned, Krieger is now a Locust, and can jump from the floor to the catwalk with ease. Your best bet here is to get him into what Diablo players refer to as "stunlock," which is where your bullets hit him with such rapidity that he’s unable to make any counter action. The best weapon for this purpose is the P90; if you’re lucky enough to still be carrying it, use your OICW HE rounds on Krieger at long range, and when he closes, switch over to your SMG and start blasting away at his head, ducking for cover behind one of the pillars just before you run out of ammo. If you don’t have the P90, the OICW’s bullets should also do the trick.

    This is the hardest fight in the game, so don’t be discouraged if it takes you a couple dozen tries before you succeed. Well, you can get a little discouraged if you wish, but not enough to make you quit; Far Cry’s an excellent game, and you deserve to see the ending, insanely difficult boss fight or no.

    Of course, said ending won’t be occuring right away. If you didn’t pick up on the connection between your "antidote" and the sudden outbreak of greenskinitis, and somehow managed to overlook Doyle’s sinister tone in his communications from the last level, he’ll appear on the hologram now to make it perfectly clear that you have one more person to kill.

    When you regain control of Jack, hit the elevator switch and locate the armory. Schwarzenegger’s character in Commando probably didn’t expend as much ammo as is located inside this room; there’d be enough to load out two players, if there were a co-op mode in this game. There are also a few weapons to be found, so make sure that your loadout includes a machinegun, a sniper rifle, and a rocket launcher, with the fourth weapon being your choice. An OICW works well, but the other three are the critical ones. When you’re locked, stocked, and ready to rock, equip your sniper rifle and head down and out the doors leading outside.

    When you cycle the lock for the second door, immediately hit the ground prone next to the keypad and use your sniper rifle to bust a cap into the Locust on the far left side of the caldera. In total, there are four Locusts and four Fat Boys in the cap of the volcano. You can’t really run out from the doorway, due to the Locusts; these guys are sharpshooters with their AG36’s and will whittle your health down before you manage to get anywhere near them. You’ll need to take them out with your sniper rifle from a distance, but your first shot will have alerted the Fat Boys, who will have to be your first priority.

    Although the sound of the Fat Boy footsteps may be ominous, you should stick right where you are by the keypad as they approach. Shift into a crouching mode and arm yourself with the machine gun. As the Fat Boys arrive, start blasting away at their heads with the MG; if you’re lucky, you’ll get them into stunlock and they won’t whittle your health down too far. Keep track of how many you’ve killed, but keep in mind that your machinegun only has enough ammo to kill two at most before it needs to be reloaded. If they come in a dense enough group, you’ll probably have to restart from your save point.

    After the last Fat Boy bites the dust, you’ll be able to turn your attention back to the Locusts. There are likely two on the right side of the caldera, so activate your heat vision and pick them off before they can take you out. The final Locust will be further back in the base of the caldera, and may be difficult to spot, so proceed cautiously lest you get taken down by an unseen enemy.

    When you’ve managed to eliminate all eight of your original enemies, two more Fat Boys will pop out from a chamber at the bottom of the caldera, so get busy killin’. Even if you’re low on health, you should be relatively safe taking them on at close range, so long as you don’t let them get the high ground on you. Try to stay close to one of the boulders so that you have something to duck behind if need be, and hold off on using your rockets if possible; you’ll need them soon enough. The elevator activation panel is in the chamber from which they emerged, so hit it and take the lift up to the top of the stabilizer, and to the last save point in the game.

    You have one last major fight to get past before you can reach Doyle, against another group of eight or nine fully-armored mercs. Your approach to this fight is going to be dictated by your levels of health and armor. Considering the fact that you just got done taking down six Fat Boys at near-point-blank range, you’re probably not feeling too healthy at the moment, but take heart; it is possible to beat these guys without taking a hit, although you’ll likely have to try a few times to get it right.

    The first thing to be aware of is that the mercs don’t actually exist when you reach the top of the stabilizer; they only get spawned into the level when you approach their position. Since you can’t actually see them in either case, this is something of an academic distinction, but you’ll still want to get them to spawn in before you start unleashing your rockets on them. So, walk up the ramp until you hear some radio squawks, then back off back towards the pillar that overlooks the entrance to the ramp. From here, whip out your rocket launcher and start pelting the pillars near the staircase with rockets. Aim over the not-propane tanks (whatever they are, they don’t explode) so that your rockets hit anything on the far side; all of the mercs are in this area, and the splash damage will start thinning their ranks severely. A few of these guys possess rocket launchers of their own, however, so you’ll probably have to sprint out of harm’s way once or twice. If you don’t have enough room to move side to side, charge up the ramp to avoid the splash.

    This whole business may require one or two tries before you actually survive. Regardless of your health, though, just keep chucking rockets at the walls around the mercs until you either run out, or your stealth meter bottoms out. Either way, you’ll have to move up and grab the armor that the mercs have left behind. There aren’t any health boxes around, but that won’t matter, because although Doyle is your final enemy, he’s just a regular lab tech, easily taken out with a shot to the head, or, if you’re a real coward, with a few grenades banked into his room from outside the door.

    So, you’ve just beaten Far Cry, one of the best (and longest!) first-person games in years. Congrats! If the final cutscene is any indication, you can expect to see a Far Cry 2 at some point in the future.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry


    One of the hallmarks of classic FPS games, such as Wolfenstein, Doom, and Half-Life, is the conscious design choice to allow groups of enemies to attack each other. As in Half-Life, Far Cry features both groups of soldiers and groups of...things as your opponents, and when these groups encounter each other, they’ll attack each other, as well as Jack. Although these firefights are generally something that Jack stumbles across, rather than instigates, they can still be used to your advantage, if you’re willing to wait for the numbers of enemies to thin out. Your enemies seem to deal less damage to each other than they do to you, however, so you’ll still usually need to be proactive in dealing with your foes if you don’t want to be stuck in a hallway listening to nearby gunfire for interminable periods of time.


    Krieger’s mercenaries are some of the smartest enemies that you’re likely to have ever encountered in a computer game. (Aside from their taste in music, that is; their stereos issue nothing but non-stop atonal percussion.) Gone are the days of sniping a soldier, only to watch all of his friends eventually settle down and start resuming their patrols, often stepping over the corpse in the process. These guys are a bit more wily than that; if you take a shot that they hear, you can expect them to close on your position, even if you’re a few hundred feet from where they are. They’ll also often make use of squad-level tactics, in that they’ll attempt to come at you from a few different vectors, which forces you to cover a wider area with your weapons when you know that you’re being hunted. Lastly, they communicate with each other like the professionals that they are; if you come upon an outrider on the edge of a mercenary camp, you can expect him to call in reinforcements if he spots you, whether or not you open fire on him.

    Although you’ll always have to be moving forward in Far Cry, you can often save yourself a lot of health and hassle by letting your enemies come to you. Ambushes will let you mow down enemies as they approach, especially if you’ve managed to tag all of your targets with your binoculars before you draw them in. The basic routine is to take down an exposed target with a sniper rifle or zoomed assault rifle, which will alert the rest of the nearby mercs to your presence. As they approach you, lie prone on the slope of a hill, looking down at the direction from which they’ll be coming, and, with your night vision if possible, pick them off with automatic fire when they come near. It’s best to position yourself next to some easily-accessible cover before you do this, though, just in case you get overwhelmed.

    Also note that, even though the first mercs you encounter are heavily armed and are as smart as those in the rest of the game, they’re easy kills compared to the late-game varieties due to their lack of armor. After a few levels of gameplay, you’ll start running across soldiers with kevlar vests, who are as susceptible to headshots as the next guy, but won’t fall easily to body shots. Towards the tail end of the game, you’ll be facing fully-armored soldiers, with vests and helmets. Explosives work well against these guys, but if you’re forced to gun it out, you should still aim for the head; although you won’t get instant kills, they’ll still be able to take less damage to their craniums than they will to their bodies.


    The first mutants you’ll run across in the game will be Tridgens, mutated versions of primates. These come in two varieties, large and small, but both are equally deadly, mostly due to their speed and incredible jumping prowess. Even though they’re not armed, you’ll never have a comfortable amount of time to shoot at them; they generally appear in groups and will swarm you quickly if you don’t immediately start pelting them with headshots. After they close to a distance of 20 feet or so, they’ll pounce and use their overdeveloped arms to rip you open, and they’ll do it efficiently, too: one or two arm-swipes is generally all it takes to go from being healthy and armored to being mutant monkey food.

    Obviously enough, you want to keep Tridgens as far away from you as possible. This generally means that extremely close-range weapons, like the Jackhammer, will have to be switched out for your assault rifle when dealing with them; just go full-auto at their heads and they will eventually drop. Since they jump before they attack, you can attempt to buy more time by ducking around a corner, or attempting to engage them from a doorway; when they jump, they’ll usually hit the top edge of the door frame. They may still be in range for an arm-swipe, so don’t stand inside the doorway itself when doing this.


    Locusts are the basic ground-troops of the mutant army, and although they don’t get to flex their squad tactics musculature as often as the mercs do, since they usually appear in groups of one or two, they’re still fearsome foes, combining the jumping ability of Tridgens with the marksmanship of human soldiers. They’ll rarely attempt to get close to you; instead, they’re content to jump from perch to perch, all while relentlessly shelling you with rounds from their AG36’s. Locusts aren’t incredibly tough to kill; the difficulty lies in actually hitting them with your bullets, since they move so often and so quickly. Your assault rifle will be your tool of choice; activate your CryVision goggles when you spot one, to better follow its movements, and fire away when it comes to a stop.


    Any decent army has to have special operations troops, and Krieger apparently had the Spectres specially designed for this role. When you first come across them, you’ll probably notice one compellingly unique design feature: they’re invisible! Well, mostly invisible, anyway; although they do give off a very faint Predator-esque glimmer when they move, you’re best off just flipping on your CryVision goggles and tracking them with the heat vision attachment. Spectres pack silenced MP5 sub-machineguns to better accentuate their stealthy nature, and although these guns aren’t the most powerful in the game, they’re quite accurate with them. Since you’ll usually see Spectres in pairs, you can find yourself getting pecked away down to zero health before you even know what’s happening, so you may find it useful to just whip out your rocket launcher to deal with these fellows.

    Fat Boys

    If Spectres were designed for covert ops, then the Fat Boys are the shock troops: they’re big, well-armed, and can take an absolutely appalling amount of damage before they finally keel over. And, shockingly enough, there isn’t any special secret to taking them down: you just have to dish out ungodly amounts of damage before you get blown away by their arm-mounted rocket launchers.

    Your only edge when facing the Fat Boys is that their rockets move much more slowly than do normal rockets; you’ll generally have plenty of time to strafe away from incoming fire before it impacts you, but this is of little help when attempting to kill off a Fat Boy in close quarters, where you’ll still take plenty of splash damage when a rocket explodes nearby. If you have any amount of mobility when squaring off against these guys, try to take them on while standing on the crest of a slope; Fat Boys haven’t mastered the art of aiming at feet, meaning that, if you’re standing on an elevated position, most of their shots will fly past you into the void beyond, hopefully rendering you safe from splash damage.

    When fighting off Fat Boys inside buildings, though, you’ll rarely have the luxury of squaring off from a height. Instead, you’ll have to utilize the time-honored tradition of circle-strafing to attempt to avoid taking splash damage from rocket fire. If possible, strafe back and forth from around a corner to avoid rockets, while getting intermittent shots to the head in. Unfortunately, Fat Boys are highly resistant to explosives, meaning that attempting to use your own rockets is generally futile, unless you can spare six or seven rockets per target. Mounted miniguns are, of course, ideal weapons to use, but you will have to disengage and strafe away from rockets, lest you get turned into Carver pudding.

    In addition to the launcher-toting Fat Boy, there’s a much rarer unarmed variety. Unarmed Fat Boys will attempt to lumber up to you and attack you with their fists; they’re slow enough to easily avoid, so either pop them in the head until they die, or just run past them.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry


    Vehicles are primarily intended to get you from one place to another very quickly; with the levels in Far Cry being as massive as they are, you’ll often want to find some mode of transportation that’s a little more speedy than your feet. Many of the vehicles have on-board weaponry, which can be aimed independently of the direction of your vehicle, and fired even while you’re driving. Be this as it may, on the hardest difficulties, you won’t want to use a vehicle to engage enemies at anything but very long range: because you can’t physically move your body while inside a vehicle, you don’t have the same kind of precision of movement that you do when you’re on foot, making it obviously rather difficult to duck and cover when you come under fire.

    If you do find yourself forced to drive a vehicle near a group of enemies, take advantage of the situation and try to run them down. Mercs and mutants alike are united in their displeasure at getting run over; this will kill most mercs on contact, while the bigger mutants, like Fat Boys, will usually survive, but will still take a lot of damage.

    Inflatable Boat

    Inflatable boats are pretty much your standard, utilitarian mode of transportation; they’ll get you from point A to point B, and won’t do much else. There’s no onboard firepower, although you will be able to use a weapon while you’re piloting. Ditch these as soon as you can find a place to land and head to your objective on foot; getting somewhere fast isn’t of much use if you get killed as soon as you arrive.

    Patrol Boat

    Since water stretches over such great distances in the game, you’ll occasionally be able to use a patrol boat to blast at enemies that are too far away to return fire, with either the mounted minigun or the on-board rocket launcher. If you do get close to a group of enemies, don’t stand still long enough to be shot to pieces; you should always be moving at top speed when you take enemy fire. Your accuracy will suffer, of course, but you won’t be as likely to get shot.

    Note that you can disengage from the patrol boat (by pressing your Use key) and fire your handheld weapons from it, if you wish. The bobbing of the craft in the water makes sniping from it, with any weapon, almost impossible, however, but you can use your binoculars to get an eye on where distant enemies are before blasting them with rockets.


    The buggy is the first land vehicle you’ll run across in Far Cry, and a fairly dependable vehicle it is. Although you’re quite exposed to fire while driving, due to the open-chassis design, the Buggy is speedy enough to zoom by (or over) groups of mercs before they really get a bead on you. You can use your mounted minigun as a drive-by weapon in these instances; since it can tilt down further on this vehicle than on most others, you’ll be able to take down nearby enemies with relative ease.


    Many of the mercs on the islands use converted Hummers as their transportation of choice, and considering the piles of bodies you’ll be leaving behind in your travels, you’re naturally going to run across a few of these vehicles, hopefully in a relatively undamaged state. Although not as maneuverable or as speedy as the Buggy, the 4WD is a bit tougher, and provides you with much greater protection from armed assault. The inclusion of a rocket launcher is a big plus; its pinpoint accuracy will let you kill off mercs from insane distances, so long as you can actually spot them. As with the patrol boat, it helps quite a bit to periodically get out of the car, use your binoculars to scout the road ahead, and use your findings to blast off a few rockets. You only have thirty rounds at your disposal, but in most cases, this will be sufficient to outlast the working lifetime of the truck.

    Big Truck

    Speaking of trucks, the big truck is seen in only a few spots in the entire game. Given its relative level of inutility, you probably won’t want to get inside of it even when it does pop up. Although its wide body makes it ideal for running down foes, it takes forever to get a head of steam with this truck, and it has no armament at all. To its credit, it can take a significant amount of damage before being destroyed, but as you’re still able to take damage yourself while driving it, it won’t help you overmuch to be in a car that can survive damage that you yourself cannot.


    The forklift pretty much tops the list of vehicles to avoid. It’s slow, has no weaponry (although you can somehow use your handheld weapons while driving it), has very little maneuverability, and is completely open to gunfire from nearby enemies. You wouldn’t want to be caught dead inside one of these, since being dead is exactly what will result from a trip past any hostiles.

    Hang Glider

    Although the appearance of the hang glider in the first Far Cry preview movies gave the promos a bit of a wow factor, in truth, you won’t be using a glider to replace your ground vehicles very often. In every instance where a hang glider appears in the game, you’ll have to option to take a ground path, either on foot or in a truck, and in almost every case, you should beat your feet rather than flying off into the sunset. Although it would seem like the glider would carry you over threats on the ground, you’ll still be easily spotted by mercs in the area, and since you’re barely capable of moving the glider itself, let alone your body, you’ll be easy pickings for anyone with an assault rifle. You can still fire weapons while suspended in mid-air, but the speed of your flight will send your accuracy plummeting.

    If you do intend to soar with the eagles, it’s useful to know the basic controls. Pressing forward will tilt your glider downwards, thus giving you a boost of speed, but at the cost of altitude; pressing backwards will slow you down a bit, but won’t actually regain lost altitude. (Glider trips are generally a one-way ticket to the ground, albeit a slow one.) Your left and right strafe keys will turn your glider to the left or right; this is useful for circling down to the ground when you’ve reached where you want to be, but are too high up to safely disengage. Keep in mind that if you have to bail out when taking fire, you can safely do this from any altitude, so long as you’re over deep water. Landing ten feet out from the waterline on a beach will send your femurs through your brain, as will landing on any solid surface, but if you can spot where the water suddenly drops off, feel free to hit your Use key and fall into the drink.

    Helicopter Gunship

    Given Kreiger’s apparently unmatched prowess at securing venture capital, it shouldn’t surprise you that he’s outfitted his army of mercs with dozens of combat-ready helicopters, such as the helicopter gunship that you’ll be seeing a dozen of or so throughout the game. The gunship is primarily intended to gun you down from the air, with a side-mounted minigun; to convince the pilot that you’re not to be trifled with, you can either shoot out the merc at the minigunner position, after which the helicopter will disengage, or hit the copter itself with a rocket, which will destroy it. It can also drop a limited number of troops off into a combat zone, although it doesn’t do this as often as does its big brother, the cargo chopper. Unfortunately for you, Jack won’t run across a flyable helicopter in his travels, so this is strictly something to be destroyed.

    Cargo Chopper

    Achieving mobility on a system of islands like the one in Far Cry is apparently a tough task, and although the mercs apparently have a nigh-endless series of boats at their disposal, the most pressing situations will force them to bring out the cargo chopper. This airborne beast doesn’t carry any weaponry; instead, it acts as a troop transport, allowing small strike teams of mercs to insert wherever they’re needed, which generally seems to coincide with wherever Jack is at any given time. Like the gunship, most instances of the Cargo Chopper can be taken down with a rocket; if you manage to hit it before it drops its mercs off, then you’ll have killed four or five birds with one stone, in most instances.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Weapons and Items



    Although Far Cry has pretensions towards allowing the player to adopt a stealthy mode of play, in truth, the distances involved and the acuity of your opponents’ senses makes sneaking up on anyone a good way to get a face full of lead, or perhaps a face full of rockets, depending on whom you’re Garretting up towards. The machete’s really here as the token melee weapon; you’ll probably never use it throughout the entire game.

    Falcon .357

    Slow, possessing a smallish clip, and woefully inaccurate at anything but extremely close range, the Falcon is useful only for taking down a few enemies in the first level before you finally acquire the M4. Early in the game, before you manage to find four actually decent weapons, you can also carry it around for the increased movement speed that it affords you, or to conserve the ammo of your other weapons when you’re attempting to do things like destroy propane tanks and the like.

    M4 Assault Rifle

    The M4 is going to be your all-purpose killing device for almost half of the game, so you’d better cozy up to it early on and get used to how it handles. It’s the only weapon in the early part of the game that has dual-firing mechanisms, aside from the MP5. The automatic firing method sprays bullets at your target, and although it may not seem like it when you first pick it up, the M4 is among the most accurate automatic weapons in the game when you need to unload a clip. In small bursts, the AG36 or the OICW is the preferred choice, but the M4 acquits itself well until you grab one of those guns. The alternate firing mode is semi-automatic, and offers even better accuracy at medium range, allowing you to conserve your sniper ammo for the occasions when you’re shooting at someone a kilometer away.

    Regrettably, the M4 doesn’t have a scope, but the zoom view is usually enough to pop in enemies that are too far away to be rendered, at least over medium distances. Using it while lying prone will make your single-fire mode the next best thing to a sniper rifle during the first few levels of the game.

    P90 SMG

    There are few weapons that retain their usefulness throughout the entire game, but the P90 may indeed be one of them. The differences between the P90 and the M4 become apparent as soon as you pick one up; the P90 has a greater rate of fire, but a much greater spread, making it accurate only at short range. When you’re inside a structure, however, where this is less of a liability, the P90 becomes the preferable weapon due to its ability to drop almost any opponent within seconds. The main drawback, besides accuracy, is that you burn through your 50-round clip very quickly. As such, the P90 is best used as a way to weaken enemy forces at the beginning of a firefight before switching over to an M4 or another assault weapon.

    MP5 SMG

    Although Jack is generally well and able to take on multiple opponents, occasionally discretion actually is the better part of valor, and not attracting the attention of a dozen mercs may be desirable. The MP5 is useful in these situations, as its silenced muzzle makes only a soft clicking sound when fired, thus letting you shoot away without having every soldier in the area immediately homing in on your location. Like the M4, it can switch between automatic fire and single-shot for greater accuracy, with the latter being an excellent way of nabbing stealthy headshots. There’s a drawback, of course, and in this instance it’s the weapon’s power: the MP5 possesses the least stopping power of any automatic weapon. Still, it’s a fairly handy tool for most of the game, but when you start to run into armored mercs and mutants, you’re better off dropping it for a P90 or other more powerful weapon.

    Sniper Rifle

    Given Far Cry’s vaunted 1.2 kilometer draw distance, you can expect to have plenty of opportunities to use the sniper rifle; and even with a 12x scope, you may run across a few instances where your target is far enough away to make even a body shot a matter of luck. This is due to the fact that even though the sniper rifle possesses pinpoint accuracy, you’ll still have to overcome scope drift, which renders headshots all but unobtainable at extremely long range.

    To minimize the effects of scope drift, you’ll want to lie prone, but still retain a clear line to your target. Kneeling reduces the effects of drift, but not enough to make sniping reliable, while firing while standing is essentially impossible, given the way your viewpoint shakes. So, lie prone, and zoom in as close as you can get to the target. If you’ve obtained a set of CryVision goggles, you can activate them while your scope is fully zoomed; this can help you more easily distinguish living targets from their background.

    Of course, most targets that you’d actually want to snipe will be too far away to see with your naked eye, and since target-hunting with your scope is incredibly time-consuming, you’ll want to use your binoculars to hunt down radar signals before selecting your prospective targets.

    Rocket Launcher

    The Rocket Launcher is overkill in most combat situations, and since you won’t be able to carry more than 14 rounds of ammo at any given time, you’ll want to hold back on using this weapon until you absolutely have to. When your back’s against the wall, though, there’s nothing that can clear you a path to daylight quite like the Rocket Launcher.

    The basic mechanics should be familiar to anyone who’s ever played an action game: you point, you fire, rocket flies along a straight path to your target, where it destroys anything caught in the blast. What’s great about the rocket launcher in Far Cry is that there’s no scope drift whatsoever (and yes, the RL has a scope for some reason); since the rocket will always fly precisely where you aim it, this means that the launcher can act as something of a poor man’s sniper rifle in a tight spot. This really only works at extremely long distances, however; rockets tend to be noisy, so when you fire one, you can expect every hostile in the area to start looking around. If one of these was your prospective target, he’ll probably move out of the way before the rocket actually reaches him.

    Where the launcher really shines, however, is when you’re dealing with multiple "soft" targets, things like mercenaries and the weaker varieties of mutants. A single well-placed rocket will usually kill anything near the impact point, so if you fire into a crowd, you’ll find that things get less crowded quickly. And, for real newbies, here’s a little tidbit from rocketry 101: Aim at your enemy’s feet, not at his body. A rocket that misses high will likely impact something well behind your target, but if you aim at their feet, the rocket will detonate next to your opponent every time.

    Jackhammer Shotgun

    As with the P90, the Jackhammer chews through its ammo with a vengeance, but it also manages to drop close-range targets very quickly. Even though it’s an automatic weapon, the recoil on the Jackhammer is severe enough to make it wiser to click off shots individually, rather than just hold the button down; this will also help prevent wasted shots on foes who are in the process of falling to the ground, which is an important issue when you’re discussing a weapon with only ten rounds in a clip. Even though it has more potential killing power in a single shot than any other weapon, save perhaps the rocket launcher, the ten-round clip severely hinders the usefulness of the Jackhammer. You can use it like the P90, and attempt to take down a target or two before switching weapons, but the delay between rounds is great enough to open yourself up to return fire, whereas the P90 will generally hit an enemy often enough to stun them until they die. Choosing between the two is a matter of taste and available ammo, but either one is an excellent choice for close-range combat until you run into a machinegun late in the game.


    The AG36 is the second of the three main assault rifles in the game, and acquits itself well until the OICW comes along. Unlike the M4, it has no single-fire mode, but it makes up for this with the inclusion of a two-level scope, with a maximum zoom of 4x, which will generally take you past its usable range anyway. Sniping is possible, but you’ll have to snap off only two or three bullets at a time if you wish to retain any semblance of accurate fire.

    The underslung grenade launcher is a decent enough weapon, although it doesn’t possess quite enough firepower to kill even a mercenary unless you manage a direct shot (and even then it’s not a sure thing). You should come across plenty of grenade rounds, though, so feel free to use them when you’re in a tight spot.

    OICW Assault Weapon

    The last and definitely the best assault weapon, the OICW will serve you well for the last seven missions of the game. Although it only possesses a 3x zoom, compared to the AG36’s 4x, it makes up for this with vastly improved accuracy when you’re snapping off rounds, which renders the OICW something of a short-range sniper rifle so long as you don’t attempt to spray bullets everywhere; your accuracy degrades immeasurably when you’re forced to hold the fire button down. Given all of the tools you have at your disposal to detect and eliminate enemies before they’re anywhere near you, though, this shouldn’t be an issue.

    As with the sniper rifle, though, the OICW is markedly more accurate when you’re lying prone; if you do find yourself in a short-range firefight, a good tactic is to simply dive forward onto your chest before snapping off rounds at your opponent’s head. When you’re out of doors, this should reduce your profile, thus making it more difficult for your opponent to actually hit you, while giving you a tighter grouping on your shots.

    The OICW’s alt-fire opens up an HE munitions launcher, which shoots out projectiles with less of an arc than does the AG36’s grenade launcher, thus making long-range accuracy a bit easier to obtain. It’s still not a very powerful weapon, at least when you’re up against armored mercs, but it fires much more rapidly than does the AG36’s launcher.


    When you absolutely have to kill everyone in a room, the machinegun is going to be your weapon of choice. The fact that it’s usable only in three of the game’s 20 levels belies its obvious power; although it’s probably the least accurate automatic weapon in the game, this shouldn’t matter much, as you’d be crazy to use it in anything but short-range combat situations, which is where it excels.

    Even though it uses the same ammo as the various assault rifles, the machinegun packs a much greater punch than any of them, being able to drop even fully-armored foes with relative ease. What’s more, the 100-round clip is sizable enough to let you take down a five or six enemies at a go without needing to pause for reloading, which is fortune, since the reloading animation for the MG is fairly lengthy. The power of the weapon also pays dividends in its ability to lock enemies into their stun animation, preventing them from returning fire.


    You’ll run across three different varieties of grenades in Far Cry:

    Frag: Your standard explosive grenade, good for bouncing off of walls into rooms where you suspect enemies await. Not terrifically powerful, but good for wounding enemies before you finish them off.

    Flashbang: "I can’t see!" You can expect to hear this quite a bit when you acquire the ability to accurately place flashbangs; any enemy within a short radius of the blast will be temporarily blinded, letting you saunter up to them and get a headshot with impunity. Flashbangs don’t actually wound your opponent, though, so be sure you wait for the shouts that indicate that the grenade has had its intended effect before exposing yourself to fire.

    Smoke: If you’re desperately attempting to fend off a horde of mercenaries, a smoke grenade can generally throw them off your scent long enough for you to regroup and reload your ammo. Smoke is especially useful in interior fighting, where they can help you cover your approach down a long corridor, or allow you to pierce the fog with your night vision goggles so that you can open fire unperturbed.

    Stationary Weapons

    Stationary weapons are found in most every level; all you need to do to use them is kill off any defenders, step behind the weapon, and use it like you would a vehicle. These weapons have infinite ammo, so feel free to fire until nothing moves.

    Mortar: Stationary mortars are capable of firing shells over incredibly long distances, although you’ll mostly be using them to take down mercs and vehicles in relatively close proximity to your position. The interface is about as user-friendly as they come: simply click on the desired target, hold the button down when the red target pops up, move your aiming reticule to the center of the target, and release the button to let loose your round. At short range, you can aim manually if you compensate for the dip in the shell’s trajectory due to gravity.

    Minigun: The minigun is essentially an even higher-speed machinegun; it puts a whole mess of lead into the air, and will take down most any target with two seconds or so of sustained fire. The rate of fire leads to somewhat poor accuracy, but since you have infinite ammo, hitting your target only once for every ten bullets shouldn’t matter overmuch.



    Even if the binoculars did no more than help you deal with FarCry’s immense draw distance, they’d be pretty handy, but as it is, that’s only part of their functionality. Whenever you spot a merc or a mutant with your Binoculars, they’ll read the target’s locater tag and enter the data into your radar, thus letting you track the position of an enemy even when you can’t see him. This has some fairly obvious applications, given the copious amounts of foliage on the island, but it doesn’t pay to depend too heavily on this feature, especially when attempting to infiltrate a set of buildings; if you see a blank spot on your radar and assume that no one’s there, you’ll occasionally wind up with a back full of lead. This isn’t due to any failure on the part of the binoculars, but many of the enemies in FarCry are positioned so that they’re out of sight of the binoculars when you scan an enemy encampment from a distance away. Your radar will always be your primary method of tracking enemies when you’re out of doors, but always be alert for audio cues as well.

    In addition to its tracking capabilities, the binoculars also possess a directional mike that will let you pick up sounds and conversations. There aren’t any critical Splinter Cell applications here, but some of the merc conversations can be amusing, and the mike can somehow penetrate most of the physical obstacles in a level, thus occasionally clueing you into the position of enemies that are on the other side of a mountain, for instance.


    If you’ve got your gamma set extremely low, then you may find the flashlight to be useful, but for the most part, the game’s environs are well-lit enough so that you shouldn’t have to resort to it very often.

    CryVision Goggles

    In terms of realism, the CryVision goggles probably aren’t exactly brimming with verisimilitude (how exactly it can pick up the body heat of a mutant that’s standing next to a river of lava is beyond us), but it’s nonetheless an extremely handy tool. Since your life can usually be snuffed out by any given enemy with just a few seconds' worth of gunfire, you’re going to need every advantage that you can get, and the combined heatvision and night vision effects of the CryVision goggles will give you that in spades. In the often-dim interiors of buildings, soldiers can sometimes blend into the background and become difficult to distinguish quickly, but when your CryVision goggles are activated, the night vision renders everything in gray, while the heatvision turns your enemies a bright red color, thus providing instant contrast. This is especially important when dealing with enemies that are approaching from around a corner; the enemy AI will generally react quite quickly after they first spot you, so you’ll want to use every advantage in your toolkit.

    What gives the CryVision goggles that extra kick is their universal applicability; you can use them in conjunction with binoculars, scopes, or even while driving in a vehicle. Although they’re of perhaps the most use in interiors, your goggles retain full functionality in the open areas of the game, so if it’s dark outside, the heatvision attachment will make it much easier for you to distinguish between a target’s body and head when attempting to snipe. Heck, this is true even when it’s not dark outside; since we’re talking about a computer game, the goggles don’t get washed out, except in the brightest daylight.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    owa igrica i Fear,su zadnja rijeci tehnike i fazona po pitanju igrica...owo nisu samo igrice,owo su ustwari 'wisokobudzetni filmowi',da

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